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Suzanne Marie Peete
Last updated September, 2001

Suzanne is becoming a beautiful young lady, don't you think? We certainly do. Suzanne started High School this Fall. She made the Freshman Cheerleading Squad and balances that with her Honors courses and her active social life. So far, she seems to really enjoy High School and the friends, both old and new, that she hangs with.

With all these activities, and the newness of High School, Suzanne has decided not to pursue her soccer team pursuit this year. It's hard to say if this is permanent or not. She wants to focus energies into her freshman year. After that, we can all determine how much she can manage on her 'plate.'

In August, her adoption by Richard became final. We are all very happy about that and the visible result of it -- her name change to Suzanne Marie Peete!

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