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Richard L. Peete's Resume
Last updated February, 2000

Richard L. Peete

1023 Saddle Creek Lane
Crystal Lake, IL  60014
Office: (708) 437-2314

Career Objective

To exercise my software engineering and internetworking expertise with a forward-thinking company looking to maximize its business opportunities through the innovative and visionary use of technologies, the Internet, enterprise intranets, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Skills and Strengths

Managerial Technical
Experienced Task Manager Systems Integration and Consulting
Understands Team Dynamics Transactive Web Site Design expertise
Organized, Focused, Goal Oriented Internet-based Database Management
Understands Management Objectives LAN/WAN Implementation Experience
Strong Communication Skills Intranet/Extranet implmentation
Project Management Coordination Strong Analytical and Design Skills
Configuration Management Broad Hardware/Software Foundation
Supervisory Skills Multimedia development background

Career Highlights

  • Implemented enterprise-wide, secured, web-based Employee Self Service application (ESS) for Benefits enrollment covering a cafeteria style benefits package that includes medical, dental, life, dependent life, flexible spending, vision, long term disability, personal accident, long term care, and 401(k) plans. This solution, which is available across both the Wide Area Network and the Internet, enables employees to access complete benefit coverage/plan (SPD) information in order to make informed decisions on their benefit elections. ESS also gives employees the ability to keep their personal information up-to-date as well as beneficiary and dependent information. This system supports over 5000 eligible employees at more than 700 locations nationwide. ESS also provides access to Company news and events, an online pictoral Employee directory, and Career opportunities.

  • Implemented a Manager Self Service web application that enables managers to access information about their employees (personal information, employment history, performance history, salary history, etc. This application also gives managers the ability to hire employees, conduct performance appraisals online, and issue merit increases according to a Focal Point annual review process. This system has saved the Corporate hundreds of thousands of dollars in business efficiencies as well as reduced the need for paperwork significantly. Given the number of locations that make up the enterprise, this web-based solution has made a real impact upon the Human Resource department's ability to be successful.

  • Implemented Corporate Intranet and Internet sites for Follett Corporation. Facilitates intranet development standards and guidelines through the Intranet Steering Committee, working with webmasters of all operating divisions and subsidiaries. In the span of just a few years, all departments within Corporate now have web sites on the intranet that serve to provide information, conduct business, and manage business activities including Human Resources, Finance and Payroll, Legal, Internal Audit, and Corporate IT. Web sites for the Board of Directors and Shareholders are in development at this time.

  • Implemented a district-wide automation plan which connects all schools within the district via a Wide Area Network (using an FDDI backbone) to a centrally located cluster of Intel Servers running under a Windows NT Server domain. All administrative and curriculum automation is delivered through this vehicle with the capability of serving home schoolers to the school system.

  • Developed a nationwide computer network for tracking fugitives across the United States and its territories within a two year period. This system was a client/server based application utilizing a UNIX mainframe, Intel-based microcomputers, and an Intelligent Database Machine (which is a backend 4GL relational database computer). This system serves 100 US Marshal Service offices and is still in place today.

  • Responsible for a 1.5 million dollar engineering budget and for building a development group, from 3 engineers to 20 engineers in a 3 year period, which developed products across the MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh platforms.

  • Key player in the design of the first cross-platform, interoperable, integrated information management system across MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Macintosh. This system includes multiple "plug-n-play" components totalling over 2.5 million lines of code -- and was completed in two years. All products (across all platforms) can directly manipulate a central database in real-time. These products are now installed in over 20,000 sites across the country.

  • Designed the first multimedia product for the previewing of books and other publications by both customers and publishers. This product displays the cover, spine, first page, audio interviews of author and illustrator, the index and table of contents, and bibliographic information for each title and allows the user to places orders.

  • Involved in Follett Software Company's first multimedia product called Space Shuttle. This product was an encyclopedia of content for each shuttle mission since the space program's inception. Crew information, Mission profiles, NASA information, payload descriptions, and other information were presented via images, video, and audio.

  • Participated in the development of the first multimedia CD-ROM application for bibliographic information retrieval. This product utilizes images, text, and audio as vehicles for finding information. The product is designed to be accessible by users from grades 3 through graduate school and offers both catalog (alphabetical) and boolean keyword search capabilities.

Certifications and Associations

Microsoft Certified Professional: Windows NT Server 4.0
Microsoft Certified Professional: Windows 95
Microsoft Certified Professional: TCP/IP
Microsoft Certified Professional: Internet

Member of the ACM
Member of the IEEE
Charter member of the Chicago Cold Fusion Users Group
Member of The Association of Internet Professionals
Member of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association

Work Experience

Director, Web & IS Development
Feb 1998 - Present
Follett Corporation
River Grove, IL
Responsible for the design, implementation, and management of all Corporate web sites and servers (Intranet and Internet sites). Responsible for researching and implementing innovative and interactive Internet technologies for use within the Follett Corporation to maximize knowledge accessibility and distribution; ensuring the reliability of all corporate enterprise systems; and providing business intelligence and technology vision to upper management on issues pertaining to IT infrastructure and future direction. Facilitates the Internet Steering Committee to establish guidelines and standards for intranet servers across the Corporation. Manages IS department and key corporate systems applications. Manages Local and Wide Area Network resources for personnel in over 700 locations nationwide. Implemented and supports enterprise-wide videoconferencing system connecting multiple business units in locations across the United States.

Senior Technologist
May 1997 - Feb 1998
Follett Software Company
McHenry, IL
Responsible for researching and recommending new technologies for use within the Follett Corporation and its Software division, and working on special application projects as assigned. Projects include database management systems development, Year 2000 compliance assessment, and internet applications as well as other "strategically sensitive" collaborations.

Director of Client Services
March 1995 - May 1997
Follett Software Company
McHenry, IL
Responsible for the establishment, management, and direction of a Field Services and System Integration/Consulting capability within the company and the incorporation of an existing Product Training department into that service umbrella. As the service and consulting arm of the company, we successfully implement large Turnkey and/or custom Local and Wide Area networking solutions for site and district-based institutions. These installations required the configuration, installation, and integration of hardware, software, and networking components into a functioning entity. Manage an in-house hardware Systems Configuration Center for the integration of networking solutions for customers.

Manager of Software Engineering
June 1990 - March 1995
Follett Software Company
McHenry, IL
Responsible for managing a 20-member engineering staff which develops library and school administrative automation products for the K-12, public, and academic institutions. Development across multiple platforms (MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh) was accomplished in an integrated, interoperable, and interconnected whole in both distributed and client/server environments. Released 15 products within a three year period. Primary actions included the overall design and implementation plan for all development projects, instituted Software Engineering Institute disciplines and Configuration Management processes to improve and ensure quality in all development activities.

Technical Director
June 1989 - June 1990
Integrated Microcomputer Systems
Rockville, MD
Responsible for managing a 25-member Project Team responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, and user support of an integrated Law Enforcement Tracking and Management System used by the Headquarters and District Offices of the United States Marshals Service -- the same system that I developed several years prior. The team supported all the district offices across the world and continued to develop new enhancements to the system. We also developed a district-wide, distributed accounting system for the Service.

Director of Research & Development
September 1987 - June 1989
The Library Corporation
Inwood, WV
Designed and implemented an automated library circulation and acquisitions systems under a PC-based LAN environment with remote LAN connectivity. Developed CD-ROM based Information Access products and Text indexing utilities. Designed a networked Customer/Technical Support Tracking System for storing customer information and tracking production, delivery, and customer support activities. All work was done in a virtual work environment where all programming staff worked from home offices.

Senior Systems Analyst
November 1986 - September 1987
Library Systems and Services
Germantown, MD
Designed and implemented library cataloguing, accounting, and remote access products using VAX minicomputers networked under Ethernet with IBM Personal Computers using Dec-Net Transport Protocols. This was a client/server based application using RMS as the backend database engine responsible for storing, indexing, and searching bibliographic content.

Systems Analyst
February 1983 - November 1986
Integrated Microcomputer Systems
Rockville, MD
Designed and implemented procurement/information management systems for the Navy. Designed nationwide Information Network for the United States Marshals Service where my specific responsibilities included the analysis and design of the system while "short sleeve" managing the team developing the software. This system, which is still in operation, was one of the first serious implementations of the latest in hardware-based database engine technology. I also developed software utilities and libraries in C for UNIX and MS-DOS environments; performed System Administrator duties for UNIX systems; and provided both client and in-house support for C, MS-DOS, UNIX, and IBM PC microcomputers.

Technical Consultant
June 1980 - February 1983
ADP Network Services
Washington, DC
Performed Technical client support, systems analysis and design. Implemented numerous client applications for government agencies. Developed what was probably the first application development tool which combined a Data Dictionary with Data Input Screens to generate a complete Information Management System. Software Librarian and Technical Resource Person for entire Regional Staff.

Networking/Web Experience

O'Reilly Website Professional, Internet Information Server, Index Server, Verity, Cold Fusion Rapid Development System, HTML, DHTML, CGI, Perl, Javascript, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Microsoft FrontPage, WINS, DNS, DHCP/BOOTP, Proxy Server, Enterprise and Peer-to-Peer networking, Wireless LAN technology, LAN/WAN architectures, various protocols (IPX, SPX, TCP/IP, AFP, NetBeui), various topologies (Ethernet, Baseband, Token Ring), CD-ROM Networking

Software/OS Experience

Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT Server 3.51, Novell NetWare 3.12, Novell NetWare 4.11, UNIX, Windows 98/95/NT Workstation/3.11, MS-DOS, MacOS, IMAIL, Exchange Server, SQL Server, C/C++ Language, Microsoft Access97, Microsoft Word97, Microsoft Excel97, Microsoft Project 98/97, Ctree Plus, Btrieve, Meridian CD-NET, Fractal Technology, Lotus 1-2-3, FoxPro, dBASE, 80x86 Assembly, 370 Assembly, PL/1, FORTRAN 77, OS/JCL, SAS, SPSS, UNIFY, SYSTEM 1022/1032, FOCUS, IBM MVS/HASP

Hardware Experience

Intel-based microcomputer systems, Macintosh LC/Centris/Quadra, PowerMac, SUN Sparc workstations, HUBs/Routers/Gateways, Meridian and CBIS CD-ROM Towers, Meridian Systems CD Publisher, scanners, printers, VAX 11/750, MicroVAX II, IBM 370/148, IBM 4341, CCI Power 6, MASSCOMP MC500, Altos 3068 EP, Pyramid 90x, Britton-Lee IDM/500

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