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Laura Nan Peete
Last updated September, 2001

Laura has started her fifth grade with a bang. She is doing very well at school this year. She is really making an effort to get solid grades and so far, she is succeeding. Plus, she starts band this year, playing the oboe! And not to mention that she is in the school chorus and will be a student crossing guard this year!

Laura continues to play Soccer with the Crystal Lake Soccer Association. Christi is no longer her coach but Laura likes her new team and has a couple of friends that are fellow team members. Her first game was on September 8th and she scored the first goal for her team. She played a great game as goalie in the second half as well. We are very proud of her and enjoy watching her games and cheering her on.

Laura is definitely growing as well. It won't be long until I have two girls that I'll have to watch like a hawk. (grin)

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