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Family News

Christi elected to Vestry

Christi was elected to a three year term as Vestryperson for St. Mary's Episcopal Church. This is her first experience on Vestry and she is very excited about the idea and the opportunity to serve in this manner. These duties are in addition to her responsibilities at Acolyte Director LEM Coordinator, and Director of our Vacation Bible School in 2002.

Peetes to attend General Convention in 2003

Richard was elected during the 2001 Diocesan Convention as the first alternate deputy to General Convention in 2003. He will join eight deputies respresenting the Diocese of Chicago. With Nan attending from the Diocese of Southern Ohio, the Peete family will be part of what is sure to be an important meeting in the life of the Episcopal Church in the USA.

Richard was also appointed to serve on the newly created Commission on Lay Ministry within the Diocese of Chicago. Lay ministry has become a focus area within the Church and Chicago is now one of only a few dioceses that have a formal Lay Ministry organization in place at the diocesan level.

2001 in Review

This has been quite a year for the Peetes. We started the year with high hopes for the new Millennium. But by mid-January, Christi was hospitalized with pneumonia which soon revealed a mild case of meningitis. Then she experienced paralysis in both legs due to Guillain-Barre syndrome.

These were brought under control only to find out she had another rare problem with her pancreas (pancreas divisum). After several procedures (including the removal of her gall bladder) and 6 weeks of home care, she began her recovery again.

We spent our 5th anniversary in Sister Bay, and the family spent a relaxing time at Idlewild during the summer. The Fall was a time of transition. Laura is now in 5th grade and Suzanne started High School as a Freshman. Christi has her classroom back. And Richard is fully back in the saddle managing the IT resources at Follett. Laura is in band, the school chorus, the safety patrol, and playing soccer. Suzanne made the Cheerleading Squad, is getting used to her new courses, and making new friends.

Then everyone was shocked by the events of September 11th. Thankfully, our family lost no one as a result of the tragedy. But we all know people who have and we share in their grief.

It seems like the Fall went by quickly and all of a sudden Advent and Christmas are upon us. As we await the coming of our Lord, we reflect on the gift of life, our faith in God, and how much we have relied upon His Strength in 2001. Our faith has brought us through this year as a family. And we pray for a positive, hopeful, and happy new year.

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