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Richard Lyle Peete
Last updated December, 1999

I was born in Chicago, Illinois as the first-born son of Nan and Robert Peete. I lived in the Chicago area until the age of 10 when the family moved to Los Angeles. I attended Loyola High School. While in High School, I did computer programming and system operations for the US Army Corps of Engineers and helped start a computer curriculum program at school. I also met the woman I would eventually marry.

At Georgetown University, I majored in Spanish and French but ended up spending most of my time in the Academic Computation Center working as a Computer Consultant for students taking computer courses. I decided that if I could qualify as a Freshman to help upperclassmen write their Fortran, PL/1, and SAS programs then I must have some real talent with computers. So far, that observation has served me well in my professional life.

I have been working in the computer industry professionally since 1980. If you are interested in my professional career and accomplishments, please view my resume.

Over the years, I have lived in several areas: California, Washington DC, Maryland, and Illinois. I spent several months in Mexico during High School on a student exchange program where I lived with a Mexican family. That was quite an exciting period in my life.

I have a diverse set of interests and hobbies which I occasionally get to pursue when I am not at the office, being a husband and father, surfing the Internet, or working on various web projects. I am very happily married and have three wonderful children. I love photography, music (mostly jazz), choral singing, 'p-funk', and mexican food. My favorite reading materials are science fiction, mysteries, techno-thrillers, and technical journals. I am an avid Star Trek fan and have never missed an episode or movie.

I am a cradle Episcopalian and have been involved in volunteer and church ministries for most of my life. I enjoy working with young people -- getting them excited about their faith and more active in service ministries. I sing in the St. Mary Episcopal Church choir and play in our Flemish Bell Choir. I have served on our church board for several years, having been Senior Warden for two years (from 1997-1998). One of my favorite ministries is maintaining the web site for the Diocese of Chicago. I also serve on various commissions within the Diocese.

I am fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language.

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